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Meet Ray Logsdon, an Esteemed R-Plus Doors' Representative

 Ray Logsdon, with H.E. Myers & Associates, Inc. has over forty years of experience in the refrigeration industry. According to Rick Schermerhorn, President, CEO of R-Plus Doors, Ray can be trusted to work on behalf of R-Plus Doors as well as the customer, making each job a win-win for all parties."
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 Our doors provide the highest insulating values in the industry, whether they are new or replacement doors. Doors are available in almost any size and are perfect for walk-ins, warehouses, processing plants and food distribution facilities.


Paul Hanawalt, President of Delta T Sales, Inc. and R-Plus Doors Representative in Northern California, has a long history in the foodservice industry making him a valuable foodservice equipment resource and R-Plus Doors representative.
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As of July 1, 2013, Jim Adamic of Bradco, Inc. is representing R-Plus Doors for cold storage in Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. 
Read the complete Bradco, Inc. article to learn more about our great, new representative. Also, check out our Contacts Page​ to connect with Jim Adamic or representatives in your area!


This adjustable hinge provides both vertical and horizontal adjustment of 5/16" over 360 degrees. A highlight of this product is the door and hinge remain attached to the walk-in while making the adjustments.

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Yesenia supports customer service and estimating for R-Plus Doors. She also assists with special door designs and non-standard construction. In previous positions outside of R-Plus Doors, Yesenia handled order booking, pre-fabrication technical drawing reviews, and all facets of estimating. 
You may learn more about Yesenia and R-Plus Doors by reading hercomplete article​, available now.




The latest design for the R-Plus Doors Integrated Computer Controllers (ICC), the ICC-5, combines ease of installation, ruggedly reliable components and simple operation into one controller. The complete ICC-5 Controller story​ is now available.




​Most know Brian Baker as an R-Plus Doors independent sales representative and now as R-Plus Doors Regional Sales Manager, but they may not know the breadth of his experience in the industry. Learn more about Brain by reading his complete article​, available now!